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What People Are Saying:-

Working with Candice has changed my life. I say this with no exaggeration. During the past year, she has offered guidance on a path I have longed to find for 25 years. When we first started working together, I felt closed-off. I wore so much warrior’s armour that emotionally, I felt almost nothing. Physically, I felt disconnected from my body, like a floating head. Now, I feel profoundly grounded in a way I have never experienced before. I feel embodied, and remember what happiness, contentment and joy feel like. I am much more aware of myself and of the world from an internal perspective. I have learned how to breathe out, make space, take breaks, feel peace, nurture relationships, and be softer and more alive in my engagement with the world. To my absolute delight, I was able to re-learn what I knew all along—that being feminine does not make one weak, useless or dominatable. Instead, it makes one human and it makes life gentle, juicy, joyful and beautiful. I finally feel alive. ~ Sarah Hale: Commercial Strategy & Structuring for a global software company

Hi, my name is Amelia. I started to do Candice's work a few weeks ago because I was watching the results of some of my friends....and I'm saying "I want that!" So, I'm now here at the retreat, and oh my god, the changes that are occurring for me, I never imagined! There are parts of me that have been unconscious and buried so deep that are now awake! I encourage any woman who wants to awaken her true feminine to take the Powerfully Feminine Intensive. It is amazing the things that you will feel and the openings that you will have. I really encourage you to do this and wish you the best! ~ Amelia Phillips PhD. cyber security

Candice is incredibly sharp, her work is excellent and her comprehensive program produced real results. Overall it gave me a new, broader framework to live from, allowing me to operate from a place of joy vs. frustration. I gained a much deeper understanding of my own feminine power – how to access it, where I had lost it and how to regain it and let it flourish. Candice cut to the chase to give me what I needed the most to breakthrough my own resistance and limitations to my feminine power. So, if you don’t want real change, go elsewhere!” ~ Jennifer Pennell - Wild Woman Coach

Candice Oneida, you are incredible. You don't even understand how much you've helped me. Out of everyone talking about femininity, YOU actually embody it and live it. I am so impressed and moved by this work.

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